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Our Journey on the Mother Road

Route 66 Both Lanes’ legacy is as storied and diverse as the iconic Route 66 itself. Founded by the visionary Steve Wood, an executive producer with a deep connection to the AAA Route 66 Road Fest. Both Lanes’ essence is rooted in bridging generations. Steve's ambition has always been to connect people of all ages to the rich past, vibrant present and inspiring future of Route 66.

Our Mission

“To expand the knowledge and enrich the travel experience associated with Route 66 through engaging storytelling, immersive experiences and curated content that celebrates the history, culture and adventure of this iconic American highway.”

This mission powers our drive to introduce the wonders of the Mother Road to travelers around the globe, sharing its history, culture and endless opportunities for adventure.

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The Family Behind the Dream

Steve Wood, at his core, is an inventor; a man whose passion for creation extends far beyond the tangible patents he holds, both nationally and internationally. Life for Steve has always been a grand expedition marked by travel, fly-fishing and cherished family moments.

Steve’s family's roots are planted deep within American soil, hailing from a line of pioneers, including early settlers of Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado, and trailblazers who built the first log cabin in Jacksboro in the 1800s.

His heritage is enriched by stories of strength and bravery – from a great-grandmother orphaned on the Trail of Tears to a great-great-grandfather awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Steve's grandfather, a 'doughboy' in World War I, and tales of cattle drives from Texas to Colorado by his forebearer William Martin Wood, stitch together the family narrative of courage and endurance.

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Deep Rooted Passion for Route 66

Steve Wood's affinity for Route 66 is intertwined with the road's ability to foster growth and resilience in America through challenging eras. The Mother Road is a testament to human innovation, a nurturing force that cultivated dreams and ambition across miles of asphalt.

Route 66 exemplifies a grand melting pot, where the multiplicity of cultures has composed a rich tapestry of entrepreneurial landmarks and historical narratives that deserve to be experienced and treasured.

Route 66 Both Lanes Logo

The Excitement Ahead

Route 66 Both Lanes is a passion project is to illuminate the countless ways Route 66 can enrich lives. We are committed to guiding travelers to experience the freedom, adventure and nostalgia that only the Mother Road can offer. It's not just about the destination – it's the myriad stories, discoveries, and connections formed along the way.

Join us at Route 66 Both Lanes as we honor the past, celebrate the present and pave the way for a future where the spirit of Route 66 thrives in every traveler's heart.

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