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Welcome to the ultimate pit stop for Route 66 enthusiasts and travel vlog fans! Get ready to fuel your wanderlust with our latest collection of Route 66 past, present and future adventures.

Explore the Legendary Route 66 - Both Lanes Video Episode Guide

Immerse yourself in the epic virtual voyage of Route 66 with our detailed video episode guide. Journey from the vibrant streets of Chicago to the golden shores of Santa Monica, discovering the stories woven into the fabric of America's Mother Road.


Discover the Soul of America

Unveil the diverse mosaic of history, culture, and beauty embedded along Route 66. Our exclusive video series propels you into a nostalgic ride through time, revealing landmarks that define the essence of the United States.

What to expect?

  • Insightful narratives that bring Route 66 to life.

  • Comprehensive overviews of iconic and lesser-known attractions.

  • Practical tips for unforgettable road trip experiences.

  • Local voices adding authentic flavors to your Route 66 knowledge.

Classic 50s diner
Blue classic car with people sitting in it

Why Route 66 Both Lanes?

  • For Travel Enthusiasts: Escape into the spirit of the open road.

  • For History Buffs: Connect with the living past of America's vibrant highway.

  • For Dreamers & Planners: Gather insights for your real-world Route 66 adventure.

  • For the Curious Minds: Experience the Mother Road through fresh, dynamic perspectives.


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Coming Soon

April 16 - 66 Days until AAA Route 66 Road Fest 2024

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