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Rediscovering the Spirit of America on Route 66: Meet Steve Wood and Gear Up for the AAA Route 66 Road Fest

Route 66 evokes images of a bygone era, where the open road symbolized freedom, adventure, and discovery. Dubbed the Mother Road, it's much more than just asphalt and motels; it's a living, breathing entity with stories that echo the evolving narrative of America itself. In the first episode of "Route 66 Both Lanes," we don't just travel the road, but we dig into its storied past, revel in its vibrant present, and look toward an exciting future. And who better to guide us than Steve Wood, the executive producer with a passion for all things Route 66.

Ecited people in a classic convertible.

Steve Wood: Steering the Journey into Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Steve Wood isn't just your average road trip enthusiast; he’s a visionary determined to keep the Route 66 legacy alive for generations to come. His dedication to the first episode of "Route 66 Both Lanes" is palpable—even through the lens. Steve brings a unique angle to the series, bridging the gap between historical reverence and modern-day entertainment.

A Party at Every Mile Marker – The AAA Route 66 Road Fest

Thrumming with excitement, the upcoming AAA Route 66 Road Fest scheduled for June 22-23 is more than an event—it's a celebration of the culture, cars and charisma that Route 66 has ingrained in the American heartland. Set against the backdrop of this legendary highway, the Road Fest promises two days of nostalgic revelry reminiscent of vintage Americana with a twist of contemporary zeal.

Cruising Down the Mother Road – The Route 66 History

Route 66 history is America's history, retold in the language of diners, neon signs, and long stretches of lonely road. It's a tale of endurance, evolution, and the endless pursuit of the American Dream. Through ups and downs, Route 66 has remained an emblem of America's pioneering spirit, catering to dreamers and doers alike.

Embark on a Journey to Remember

The siren call of the open road beckons. Whether you're a history enthusiast yearning to explore America's rich tapestry, a travel addict itching for a unique adventure, or a road trip aficionado eager to collect memories and miles, Route 66 and the AAA Road Fest wait with adventures untold.

This iconic route offers an eclectic mix of sights – from the rusty, forgotten ghost towns to the bustling streets that still cherish the bygone glory of the 20th-century road trip culture. This is your chance to be part of that journey.

What Lies Ahead

The road ahead for Route 66 is paved with anticipation and promise, much like its history. It's a road that will endure, adapt, and grow—just like the America it traverses. Through "Route 66 Both Lanes," we take that ride side-by-side with the past and the future, weaving a story that's intrinsically connected to the fabric of our nation.

Steve Wood and the formidable team behind this grand undertaking invite you to fasten your seatbelts and rev up your inner wanderlust—because this is just the beginning.

Prepare to be whisked away on a ride that celebrates not just a road, but a symbol of American vitality. Stay on track with "Route 66 Both Lanes" and ensure you’re part of this historical road's continuity. Share stories, take pictures, and be part of the Route 66 narrative that never ends. Use the soul-stirring stretch of tarmac as your canvas to paint new memories upon and keep the legacy of the Mother Road thriving.


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